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Mission and Main Activities

Mission and Main Activities

Cyprus Embassy Trade Centre in Moscow is one of the eleven centres opened by the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Cyprus abroad. The Cyprus Embassy Trade Centre represents Cyprus economic and trade interests in Russia and the CIS countries. Its mission is to assist and support:
  • The further development of bilateral trade and economic relations.
  • The promotion of Cyprus products and services in the Russian and CIS-countries markets.
  • The attraction of foreign investments. 
  • The establishment of partner relations between the business communities of our countries.
In its everyday practice, the Trade Centre
  • Helps to establish and develop contacts between Cyprus and Russian entrepreneurs.  In particular, it supports contacts between Cyprus and Russian Chambers of Commerce and Industry and other business associations, as well as state bodies and international organizations.
  • Keeps in touch with state bodies and services, as well as with non-government institutions related to the development of commercial and business relations between Cyprus and Russia.
  • Presents and promotes Cyprus’s goods and services in the Russian and CIS-countries markets, and assists businessmen to participate in various exhibitions and fairs, organises different events – seminars, presentations, salons of Cyprus goods, press-conferences, etc.
  • Assists in establishing contacts between Cypriot exporters and their potential partners in Russia and CIS-countries, and provides information and other support for investment projects.
  • Carries out analytical work by preparing reviews and reports describing the economy in Russia and the CIS-countries in general, as well as specific markets, highlighting the most promising areas for bilateral business cooperation.
  • Provides information about Cyprus as a regional business centre in the East Mediterranean, and informs about the investment climate and business environment in Cyprus.
  • Assists in organising information exchange in the sphere of bilateral economic cooperation: provides Russian and Cyprus mass media with data on opportunities offered in Cyprus for international business activities, informs about major events and activities in the sphere of its competence, as well as about main trends in Cyprus-Russian business relations, and emerging opportunities and prospects.

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